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Why DOC & Dulux?

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Kiwis are, without a doubt, an outdoor species. With a landscape like ours, who wouldn’t be? Whether it’s tramping, fishing, hunting or driving stock across the high country, we’ll take any excuse to get outside. In fact, nearly half of us enjoy Department of Conservation protected land every year.

At the heart of it are the iconic DOC huts. They’ve given us shelter for generations and some were built over a century ago.

But, as anyone who knows this country will tell you, it can be a harsh place. That’s where Dulux comes in.

As another Kiwi icon, they’ve been part of the landscape since their operations begain in Lower Hutt in the 1930s. Now, they’re bringing their know-how to the DOC huts by painting them. This will not only preserve them for generations to come, but it will keep them looking good. The bright colours on the roofs will also help people spot the huts when the light starts to fail. There’s only one paint for job of this scale: Dulux Weathershield.

Hut being painted by Julia Myers, General manager Dulux New Zealand and Al Morrison, Director General, Department of Conservation

It’s been developed and tested in the harshest New Zealand conditions; the kind you might find on a exposed ridge line as a polar blast marches across the sky, or after months of relentless sun and dryness. Dulux has committed 15,000 litres of paint and 3,000 litres of wood coatingĀ to this venture, aptly named: Protecting Our Place.

It’s your place too, so you’re most welcome to lend a hand. You can choose the next hut to be painted, pick the colours or even pick up a brush and put a lick of paint on a deserving hut. Next time you rely on a DOC hut for shelter, you’ll appreciate why they’re worth protecting – and worth protecting well.