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The first batch of DOC huts in line to be painted

Posted on 02 April 2013

Today DOC and Dulux announce the first batch of huts in line to get a long-lasting coat of protective paint – and reveal their colour schemes, chosen from the hundreds of designs submitted by Kiwis everywhere.

Congratulations to each of our eight hut designers – their efforts have earned them 50 litres of premium Dulux paint (enough to paint the entire inside or outside of an average size house).

They’re your DOC huts. And over the next couple of months, the first eight will be decked in your favourite Dulux colours.

The huts and their hues:

1. Broken River Hut, designed by Sonja Muller


Built back in 1960, in the heart of Torlesse Tussocklands Park in Canterbury, Broken River Hut is a classic 4-bunk service hut.

The hut will be spruced up with Sonja’s forest-inspired design; the walls in the mossy green of Dulux Saint Bathans, the deck in a flax-yellow of Dulux Porari, doors and windows in Dulux Masterton, a meadow-gold, and the roof clad in the stony grey of Dulux Bushy Park.

2. Kapakapanui Hut, designed by Gen Hewett


Found along the well-trodden trail of the two day Kapakapanui track, in the midst of the Tararua Forest Park, the 6-bunk hut sits on the edge of a clearing in the trees.

Kapakapanui Hut now sports a new coat in Gen’s colours; a dark forest green of Dulux Katikati for the walls, the deck in Dulux Kumeu, a soft bark brown, and Dulux Tanemahuta, a rich red-brown on the roof, doors and windows.

3. Penn Creek Hut, designed by Ben Weatherhead


Sitting alongside Penn Creek, this 6-bunk old style forest hut is nestled in the wilderness of Tararua Forest Park, an area which plays a crucial part in conserving the indigenous biodiversity of the region.

Over the next month, Penn Creek will be repainted in Ben’s scheme; a dark forest green of Dulux Katikati for the walls, the deck in a soft toi toi hue of Dulux Muriwai, the doors in grey-brown of Dulux Rangipo, the windows in dark mud-brown of Dulux Gore and the light stony grey of Dulux Hutt River for the roof.

4. Waiopehu Hut, designed by Ben Peacey


Also found in Tararua Forest Park, the larger Waipehu Hut is an 18-bunk hut perched on a hilltop, with spectacular views over the largest conservation park managed by DOC in the North Island.

Ben’s design features the soft beige of Dulux Glinks Gully Double for the walls, a dark bark brown of Dulux Te Pupuha Point for the deck, the doors in the red-brown of Dulux Tanemahuta, the muddy brown of Dulux Shoe Island for the windows, and topped off with the roof in Dulux Whakarewarewa, a stony grey.

5. Mangaehuehu Hut, designed by Mike Nelson


In 1969, the 18-bunk hut was constructed on the slopes of Mt Ruapehu. Elevated at 1285m above sea level, Mangaehuehu Hut has a spectacular view of the glacier and mountain, and sweeping views of the Tongariro National Park.

Mike’s design for the hut is a melange of leafy green of Dulux Porari on the walls, the plum-hue of Dulux Kumeu on the deck and door, and the darker purple-grey of Dulux Blackball on the roof, windows and chimney.

6. Robson’s Lodge, designed by Valerie Wilkie


Built back in 1908, the 14-bed Robson’s Lodge is one of the only buildings left standing in what was once a thriving Hawkes Bay farming settlement – and is a strong reminder of our farming heritage.

Valerie’s colour scheme for the lodge features neutral beige of Dulux Oreti Double for the walls, a warm brown of Dulux Urewera for the deck and windorws, and a deep water blue of Dulux Lake Rotomahana for the roof, door and chimney.

7. Hope Arm Hut, designed by Jacqui Holt


Land surveying needs prompted the construction of this 12-bunk hut in 1965, and so it was built on the shores of Lake Manapouri, along a secluded beach in Fiordland National Park.

Jacqui’s colour scheme features mossy green walls in Dulux Flat Island, a crisp snowy white of Dulux Little Manly Half for the windows, a red-brown of Dulux Waverley for the deck, door and chimney, and a deep charcoal of Dulux Titirangi on the roof.

8. Kiwi Burn Hut, designed by Kirsten Moeller


Found in the heart of Snowden Forest, Southland, the 12-bunk hut was built in 1969 and is an easy walking distance from road, making it perfect for family adventures.

Kirsten’s design features the soft beige of Dulux Oreti Double for the walls, the dark purple-grey of Dulux Blackball on the walls, the door in a mud brown of Dulux Kaponga, a rich red of Dulux Ettrick for the deck and the stony river grey of Dulux Basin Reserve on the roof.

Have a crack at painting your own

Is your favourite hut missing from the list? Vote for it to be included in the next wave of hut paints here.

And remember, every hut you paint online is also an entry in the draw to win the grand prize, the Ultimate DOC Experience (just think: a breath-taking helicopter ride, guided DOC adventure, a night in a classic Kiwi hut in the beautiful Mt Aspiring National Park).

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