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The hut where it all began

Posted on 18 March 2013
Ruahine Hut

Protecting Our Place has realised the vision of painting the DOC huts with Dulux Weathershield, protecting them for future generations. Tarn Ridge Hut and Konini Lodge have already been given a new paint job and there have been plenty of suggestions of which huts should be painted next, and what their new colour schemes should be.

Ruahine Hut

Like many grand ideas, Protecting Our Place had small beginnings. In November 2012, a team from Dulux flew up into Ruahine Forest Park and landed at the Ruahine Corner Hut.

The intention was to protect this well-known hut, often hailed as the best hut in the North Island. It was painted in Dulux Weathershield and the base trim and door now look as good as new in a Dulux Colour of New Zealand called Katikati, while the walls are, as you might expect, Ruahine.

Ruahine Hut

It was the success of this first painting venture that prompted more discussions between DOC and Dulux, concerning the painting of more huts.

Now, Protecting Our Place is in full swing and you can expect to see more and more huts proudly sporting their new colours. Of course, you’re most welcome to lend a hand in the painting process. Just click Get Involved and you can help protect the huts that have protected generations of Kiwis.